We’ve been placing people in to short term, temporary and fixed term assignments for some time.  And in response to overwhelming client and market demand, we’ve created GRL FleX.

GRL FleX is a designated part of GRL focused on providing high quality people for immediate to short- and longer-term contracts and assignments.   As the name suggests, its designed to be fully flexible.

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We understand that there are more considerations that even when hiring and the ability to be able to bring in quality support for any role and for any period of time is what really matters.  Its most important that we understand our clients and their requirements and can support them most appropriately.

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We know things change quickly in business and we appreciate that and our service provides totally flexibility, from single days to months to longer fixed term assignments, GRL FleX delivers quality candidates on flexible terms.

Our Service

Our service provides leaders, managers and support staff at all levels across the key business services of client businesses:

  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Clerking
  • IT
  • All other support roles


We operate with a designated team of candidates available at short notice and can always source quality individuals with the right experience, skills set and availability to suit the individual requirements of each situation.

Get in touch with one of the Team to discuss your requirements.

Matt, Becky & Ed

Matt Curness

Director of Recruitment 

Becky Murphy

Recruitment Executive 


Ed Rees

Senior Researcher / Administration Manager