We recruit the most talented barristers, leaders and support professionals to the Bar, legal and professional services sectors

Our partnership approach and indisputable experience in the legal sector, combined with our complementary consultancy services, enable us to consistently exceed client expectations when guiding them through recruitment challenges and industry change.

We work with many of the UK’s leading barristers’ chambers, law firms and innovative legal services providers, advising and supporting them through new challenges and opportunities



Recruitment services and solutions for leading barristers’ chambers, law firms and their key individuals.

Business development

Market analysis and positioning, effective business development and strategy for barristers, barrister teams and chambers.

Professional development

A range of training and development solutions dealing with appraisals, the forming of new teams, or ‘working a room’.


Business strategy, development, marketing, change management, market analysis, BSB compliance, new entity formation and more.


"I have worked with GRL since coming to the bar as a Chief Executive - their clear understanding of our business and the changes in the legal market is invaluable."CEOLeading Chancery and Commercial Chambers
"GRL Legal have provided Chambers with invaluable insight and expertise as we look to remodel our business to face and meet the inevitable challenges ahead for the Bar."Head of ChambersLeading Common Law Set
".....I would not hesitate to recommend them to other senior lawyers to open fresh opportunities through their sophisticated understanding of the developments in our profession"Leading SilkCommercial Fraud
"I have been particularly impressed by the fact they are focused on the best outcome for both the individual and the organisation rather than the commercial advantage of placing a candidate. They are astute, intelligent and honourable"Director of Client CareLeading Common Law Set
"We used GRL to assist in the recruitment of a new Business Development Director for our organisation. From start to finish the service was structured, with a clear plan of attack, with sensible time frames and ultimately we stuck to that plan to secure the recruitment of an individual who we firmly believe will be excellent for our business. The outline objectives were very clear, if our stipulations were unrealistic we were always told, and we couldn’t fault the service levels or the outcome from start to finish. Many thanks to Matt, Paul and Nick who looked after us."
Managing DirectorLeading Law Firm


Coronavirus – Finances

Coronavirus – Finances

*Our accountant Iain Dove is providing clients with useful updates around tax and personal finances and we wanted to share this with you* Ian says: We are entering an unprecedented period of time when many of the accepted social norms will not apply and usual...

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Equitable briefing

Equitable briefing

"Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not: why equitable briefing is the most pressing practice issue for the Bar in 2020 – writes Lucy Barbet" In this article for Counsel magazine Lucy Barbet, Senior Clerk 11KBW writes that although gender equality is improving at...

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