Why take Stress Management Seriously in Chambers?

There are many work place stressors. Most workers are faced with a few of them, a Barrister’s world is littered with evidence of many. Chambers’ staff, custodians of their sets’ welfare help shoulder their barristers’ stress burden as well as carry their own.

Stress is a natural result of change, it is a fact of life and essential to human growth. Indeed short-term and occasional exposure to stress has been found to boost the immune system. Long-term stress however when we experience it as a sense of demands that exceed our resources has an adverse effect on our immune system that eventually results in illness.

Workplace stress and anxiety are the leading causes of sickness absences in Britain. Surveys suggest Barristers to be more stressed than NHS staff. This workshop will help keep you out of the statistics.

What to expect from the Training?

The workshop teaches about stress, the brain and resilience and guides participants through practices to cope and to develop stress-hardiness.

Stress and emotions are permanent features in our lives. Knowing about the brain helps us make sense of how stress and emotions affect us. Resilience counteracts stress and helps us thrive even when the going is tough. Resilience is a practice and can be developed.

During the guided practice parts of the workshop we explore techniques to manage stress and strong emotions as we turn down our internal noise and retune our thinking. We explore a tool to evaluate our resilience and in guided practice explore how we can master resilience.

The Workshop is structured as follows:
1. Information about Stress
2. Learning about our Brain
3. Technique: How to Cope in the moment
4. Learning about stress-hardiness: Resilience
5. Checking-in: How resilient are you?
6. Technique: Self-Coaching exercise to become more stress-hardy and resilient.

The teaching and practices are drawn from the Science of Learning, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and the Science of Neuroplasticity.

Event Detail

Each workshop can host up to ten people. The workshop is suitable for all staff ranging from senior level barristers to support staff, however, we prefer to keep the sessions relatively role specific. This is because we look at examples relevant to that specific group and we also find peer to peer groups, more relaxed and interactive. The workshop, which is approximately 2 hours long, can be hosted at your premises or at an alternative venue of your choice (to be organised by you at your cost).


Ann Langford

Ann Langford, Senior Consultant 

Ann Langford offers extensive senior leadership experience gained as Chambers Director in a leading set of Chambers. She has held a number of management appointments with legal firms as well as with an American economics consultancy group (as European Operations Manager) and; Director level positions with two start-up satellite service provider entities.

As Chambers Director she was ruthless in her pursuit of excellence combining strategic and operational skills with an ability to nurture and grow a “collegiate” environment, utilising her coaching and facilitation skills.

Working in professional services gave Ann the opportunity to pursue her passion: drawing on people’s strengths in the pursuit of commercial astuteness, professional success, and resilience.

As a Consultant Ann works with organisations and individuals keen to galvanise their commercial edge through tackling resilience and making it a focus for development.

Ann holds a Master’s in Coaching and Mentoring.

Further Information

For further information or to book a workshop please call Ann direct on 07799415032 or email alangford@Grllegal.com

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