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GRL understands the importance of attracting and securing the most appropriate lateral hires and for individuals and teams in making the right moves.

Having played a significant role in the development of leading Chambers and the practices of some of the biggest names at the Bar, GRL’s consultants are perfectly placed to advise and support chambers seeking new members and individuals and teams testing the market or exploring their options.

“GRL provided very positive help and encouragement in relation to my move to a new set. I did not appreciate the range of possibilities and they undoubtedly opened an opportunity for myself and my new set that would not have occurred to either side without their efforts and expert market knowledge. On a personal level, I very much appreciated the sensitivity and discretion with which they operated and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other senior lawyers to open fresh opportunities through their sophisticated understanding of the developments in our profession."Leading SilkCommercial Fraud

As well as unrivaled experience, GRL’s consultants provide up-to-date and independent market information and analysis backed by professional networks spanning the legal, professional service and additional business sectors to the Bar. We take time to gain a detailed understanding of chambers’ requirements, members’ practices and the aspirations of both, often highlighting opportunities which may not have been considered. We acknowledge that lateral hires and barrister moves aren’t simply revenue driven and as well as providing appropriate opportunities for development and growth, they must also offer the right ‘fit’.

GRL has a clear understanding of the changing face of the legal services market and this informs our approach.  We are fully aware of the need for complete discretion and this underlines everything we do.

Our services:

The Bar and Chambers

  • Search & recruitment of individuals and teams
  • Detailed understanding of chambers’ business and requirements
  • Extensive market knowledge of the Bar and those instructing the Bar domestically and internationally
  • Access to individuals not openly looking to move but interested in suitable opportunities
  • Additional cost-effective element to chambers’ external recruitment strategy
  • Ability to move quickly – often invaluable where candidates are in processes elsewhere
  • Quick evaluation and assessment, filtering weak or irrelevant applications at an early stage


  • Highly developed understanding of the Bar through extensive ‘real’ consultant experience
  • Highly personable and objective service
  • Confidential environment to allow candidates to discuss aspirations
  • An opportunity to test the market in complete confidence
  • Knowledge which extends beyond the Bar
  • Opportunities which may not openly be being advertised
  • Independent third-party advice

As well as providing chambers and individuals the opportunity to test the market in complete confidence, we also act as a confidential sounding board. We are happy to work alongside chambers by providing an additional element to their own recruitment process or to be given control of a particular project or complete recruitment drive.

As no two sets of chambers, individuals or team of barristers’ requirements are the same, neither is our approach. We offer a completely flexibility and bespoke services and are determined to continue building our reputation in the market.



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