Effective leadership plays a fundamental role in the development and continued success of the Bar.

Through their hands-on experience in senior leadership roles in leading barristers’ chambers, law firms and the professional services sector, GRL’s consultants are uniquely placed to advise and recruit to leadership roles at the Bar. We enjoy advising the Bar on newly created and existing roles and in attracting and securing the most talented individuals.    

"GRL Legal have provided Chambers with invaluable insight and expertise as we look to remodel our business to face and meet the inevitable challenges ahead for the Bar."QC / Head of ChambersLeading common law set

The bar has moved from traditional leadership models of Heads of Chambers, Senior Clerks and management committees, to new roles of Chief Executive, Chambers Director and Directors of Clerking.  With responsibility for the development and successful management of chambers and their businesses, including business development, business strategy, staff management and development, practice management, general management and developing business in new areas. As well as leadership skills, individuals must possess a broad range of business skills, business acumen, with the ability to develop, manage and maintain key relationships with members of chambers, staff and clients.

GRL acknowledges the importance of robust and fair processes and works with clients to develop the specific responsibilities and requirements of each role. We take time to understand our clients’ businesses, the internal and external perception of each position and just how the individual will ‘fit’ into the organisation. We also undertake significant work with candidates and as ambassadors for our clients and their businesses, acknowledge the importance of first impressions.

We also focus on those already working at the Bar and believe in training and developing the Bar’s future leaders, by delivering professional development support to senior staff, ensuring they equipped to meet and exceed their challenges.

Our services are bespoke and we happy to offer input at an early stage or to act as a confidential sounding board.

We are also more competitively priced than traditional City headhunters and recruiters!



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