GRL works with members of the Bar, business leaders and senior support staff delivering a wide range of training and development services to develop the individual, teams which in turns adds value to organisations.

Our consultants combine in-depth knowledge of business gained working in senior management roles both in law and across other professional services and business sectors.  We understand the challenges of a changing legal services market and has designed all its professional training and development sessions to allow those working with and supporting the Bar to obtain and further develop key skills.

"GRL was invited undertake its marketing training for both members and clerks. All those who attended the seminar were impressed by their professional approach and knowledge in this area - Chambers will in no doubt be working with them again in the future and would recommend their service to any chambers."Chambers DirectorLeading multi-discipline set

Training is bespoke and we provide detailed and well-presented course materials and sessions have clearly defined learning outcomes.

We work in partnership with clients identifying training needs and developing skills required by individuals and teams.

Our training and development solutions can be delivered at times which are flexible and fit in with the clients working environment.


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