Wellbeing for the Bar, Law Firms, Chambers and Innovative legal providers.

Legal entrepreneurs succeed when they supplement commercial agility with resilience.

Research suggests lawyers can be more stressed than other professionals. Big workloads, tight deadlines, high pressure and long hours are taking their toll. Many lawyers, solicitors, barristers and staff feel demotivated, suffer from anxiety, stress and depression; with some resorting to alcohol and drugs.

For their organisations to thrive, legal entrepreneurs: lawyers and staff, are called on to supplement initiatives for commercial success with endeavours to promote resilience: psychological fitness and wellbeing.

Firms, chambers and legal service providers which offer wellbeing support, communicate openness and care to their lawyers, members, trainees, pupils and staff and facilitate the development of greater resilience, more quickly.

Incoming generations, who think of wellness as an active pursuit and priority, look for it when finding a home for their talents. Business leaders will be enticed by a more motivated workforce and the positive correlation between organisational resilience and improved results.

At GRL we view wellbeing as the process of creating awareness and instigating initiatives towards greater resilience. We offer tailored assistance to legal entrepreneurs and their organisations who wish to adopt wellbeing as part of their vision and act on it.

Our services include:

Policy and Procedure

  • Wellbeing Audit/MOT, Review and Recommendations.
  • Vision, Framework, Policy and Procedure.
  • Culture and Leadership: Practical steps to embed the vision and to keep things going: Working with committees, Leadership briefings, etc.

Facilitation and Training

  • Sounding Board Meetings: Informal confidential discussions to assist thinking when tackling issues, challenges and problems, as well as to energise (new) projects.
  • Training Workshops: develop and facilitate process and content to suit audience within firm, chambers or organisation; Topics: Wellness awareness, Stress, Emotional regulation, Resilience, Wellbeing during training contract or pupillage, Wellbeing mentoring, Mindfulness, Time management, Difficult conversations, Giving Feedback, etc.

Mentoring Schemes

  • Design and implement mentoring schemes for lawyers, barristers, trainees, pupils and staff groups.
  • Provide training to Mentors and Mentees.
  • Scheme review, top-up and new joiners training.


  • Coaching for Business Planning
  • Transition Coaching for lawyers, barristers and leaders
  • Paternity / Maternity / Career Break / Return to work Coaching
  • Wellbeing and Resilience Coaching

We are keen to hear from legal entrepreneurs who wish to adopt a wellbeing outlook and offer our assistance.  Draw on organisational values, exploit your workforce’s strengths and adopt resilience as an incisive part of your organisation’s vision.

Ann Langford and David Rees are available for more information and discussion.


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