Through its lead consultant in this area, Gudula Goscomb – who has extensive experience of the management and overseeing of entire compliance programmes at the Bar and in law firms – GRL has real hands-on expertise of compliance and compliance issues at the Bar.

The GRL team has the expertise to review of all chambers staffing and other policies to ensure legal and full BSB compliance, identify any shortfalls or additional requirements and bring all policies together in easy to use ‘handbook’’ format; this includes chambers policies for members, paying particular attention to the Equality and Diversity Rules of the Bar Code of Conduct.

Gudula Goscomb is also well versed in working closely with chambers, members, management and senior staffing teams, developing, realigning where necessary and enhancing internal human resources and compliance & regulation systems and training. We are also able to develop and implement policies and policy documents, staff handbooks, internal staff training and in ensuring full BSB compliance. The team are also experts at recruiting individuals in to compliance roles

To discuss your requirements or to arrange a no obligation review, please contact lead consultant Gudula Goscomb.


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