Change management

GRL’s core strength lies in the experience of its consultants, their knowledge of the Bar and wider legal services sector.

It is common to feel uneasy and intimidated by change, whether you’re considering a small change to one or more processes, or a system wide change to an organisation. You know that the change needs to happen, but you don’t really know how to go about delivering it.

"GRL Legal have provided Chambers with invaluable insight and expertise as we look to remodel our business to face and meet the inevitable challenges ahead for the Bar."Head of Chambers Leading Common Law Set

GRL works with chambers and their management functions, advising and guiding them by ensuring change management is handled sensitively and the process is a success, with buy-in from all parties.

Change brings challenge and opportunity and we offer our expert advice and solutions on appropriate leadership, management and staffing, business structures and processes, development and implementation of systems and ensuring each is providing value for money.

We work with clients on their single and one off requirements and in the creation, implementation and delivery of entire change programmes. We always work in partnership with clients, identifying requirements, analysing their business and business structures, before developing practical advice and solutions. We fully understand the subtleties of the Bar and have particular experience of working with those facing issues for the first time – we are also independent, which is invaluable when dealing with change.

GRL’s considerable strength is its team. We combine our many years experience of managing, leading and navigating change at the highest levels at the Bar and in law firms, with expertise gained in professional services and other business sectors – no other consultancy can offer this level of expertise.

Business and change management

  • Chambers business strategy – including new and emerging work streams and opportunities
  • Business development and marketing services
  • Restructuring chambers business models including strategic reviews, benchmarking and sector analysis
  • Market analysis including competitor and client reviews
  • BSB compliance – detailed review of chambers requirements
  • Advising on ‘new entities’ and deregulation

Management and staffing

  • Staffing reviews – in-depth review and analysis
  • Staffing structures – detailed reviews of staffing teams
  • Recruitment – including creation of newly created ‘strategic roles’
  • Training – bespoke programmes improving skills and knowledge
  • Professional development – for key leaders and managers

The services here are not exhaustive and can of course be utilised singularly or as part of a more comprehensive programme. Please contact one of our lead consultants for more information.


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