No one knows the Bar and its markets better than we do and our services have been designed to meet most eventualities.

However, the Bar is undertaking so many changes as their is simply no blue print for this change. As such we also undertake and are involved in projects not listed on our website and if you have a requirement or an issue you’d like to discuss with us, that’s what this page is for.

We also work with a number of strategic partners who we are happy to recommend for things like public relations, IT, online strategy / SEO, communications and accountancy for your bespoke projects. Each one has been vetted by us and many of them provide those services to GRL and we only work with those we trust – it takes too much time to rebuild a damaged reputation.

If you’d like to suggest a project to us then we are also open to discussion; with the changing landscape of legal services we’d be delighted to hear from you.


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