Through its expert consultant Sheena Byrne – a qualified solicitor, business development professional and one of the original team of researchers and then editor of Chambers UK Guide – we are able to advise on specific elements or manage entire directory processes.

Sheena has the benefit of having undertaken the same legal directories processes in an in-house capacity for global legal services law firms, highly regarded sets of chambers and individual lawyers and her services are underwritten by a highly personable and professional approach.

Legal directories services include:

  • Updating and editing submissions relating to existing rankings
  • Analysis of existing rankings with view to improvement and inclusion of new rankings
  • Drafting fresh submissions for new applications to rankings
  • Preparing referee contacts (i.e. contacting to ensure they are still valid and appropriate)
  • Uploading submissions to directory databases
  • Contacting and maintaining contact with the Editor, editorial team and individual researchers for each practice area throughout research process *
  • Mentoring/ coaching members of Chambers as potential interviewees for the directory researchers to completion of research deadlines *
  • Co-ordinating the research interview process to completion of deadlines *

* NB Added options for research period of interviews (in late winter/ early spring), which extends beyond deadline for submissions.

GRL understands the importance of the legal directories process and in getting this right. We work with sets to create the most appropriate solution for them, including budgeting. Sheena’s hands-on approach allows individuals and sets to pass on part or all of the process knowing it’s in appropriate hands.

GRL would be delighted to discuss potential options and arrange an initial exploratory meeting with no obligation.



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