The GRL Legal Team, Ann Langford

Ann Langford

Ann Langford

Senior Consultant
020 3397 2959

Ann offers extensive senior leadership experience gained as Chambers Director in a leading set of Chambers. She has held a number of management appointments with legal firms as well as with an American economics consultancy group (as European Operations Manager) and; Director level positions with two start-up satellite service provider entities.

As Chambers Director Ann was ruthless in her pursuit of “Rolls Royce” efficiency combining strategic and operational skills with an ability to nurture and grow a “collegiate” environment, utilising her coaching and facilitation skills.

Working in professional services and at Barristers’ Chambers gave Ann the opportunity to pursue her passion: drawing on people’s strengths and resilience in the pursuit of commercial astuteness, professional success, social responsibility and wellbeing.

As a Consultant she works with Chambers and firms keen to galvanise their commercial edge.


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