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(367) Employment Law Specialists – Employment Solicitors/Consultants (South East England)

Competitive fee retention rates

Are you a specialist employment lawyer seeking greater flexibility, the opportunity to work in a focused environment and to utilise the benefits of market change?

Our client, a successful legal service business based in the City of London, is now seeking established solicitors to join its growing practice as solicitor/consultants.  Its lawyers are a mix of solicitors and barristers specialising in employment, company, and partnership law, providing straightforward advice and exemplary client service to businesses and individuals.

Suitable individuals will be specialising in employment law, have their own degree of ‘following’ and be able to generate work.  As well as a supportive environment, the business provides all the ‘back office’ facilities and tools to allow its lawyers to generate business, manage clients and run cases smoothly and effectively.

Those managing and leading the business are open, supportive and have created a fully flexible platform for lawyers to operate away from many of the constraints of a traditional law firm model. The business is completely focused on providing its lawyers with flexibility and all the benefits of delivering their services free from time spent on management issues, internal politics, or billing targets.  The opportunity also provides some of the most generous fee retention rates in the market.

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