The recruitment process has been redefined. For too long it has been a numbers game with little added value to the clients and candidates.





GRL has changed all that. Big statement?

Big changes.


GRL work with barristers’ chambers, boutique law firms, small to medium law firms, innovators, and other professional services businesses with the sole aim of enabling their businesses to grow. At our heart is providing the highest quality employees available they require to enable that growth (that’s our job), but our service is so much more than that. Through our network of contacts built over the last 20 years, access to exclusive events, peer to peer introductions and our detailed understanding oft a clients’ business we focus on helping them grow their business in any way we can. After all, if they grow, we grow.


GRL work on most of our roles on an ‘exclusive’ basis and this is for the benefit of our candidates and our clients. We provide in depth reviews with clients to ensure we understand not only the skill set required but also the cultural fit and their potential future expectations of the candidate. This way we can advise our candidates if a job they think they want would really fit their expectations. After all what is worse than putting a candidate into a job, we know they will hate? But this is just the start of how we support our candidates in their careers.

“Constantly we are told by CEOs, MDs and business owners, that there is nothing more important to the growth of their business than their employees. Therefore, can there be anything more important than finding them”?

  Nick Rees, GRL Managing Director

Our ethos

Our ethos is straightforward, we appreciate that the ‘old model’ of recruitment often did not work for anyone concerned.

With candidates left in limbo, clients wondering what they were paying for and agencies forced to operate on a numbers game basis. As far as we are concerned, this is a world away from the service we provide.

GRL’s consultants add value throughout, developing detailed understandings of a client’s business and their short- and longer-term aims. By changing each element of the process and ensuing they work properly for all parties, this leads to much more positive relationships and outcomes!

Current opportunities

We pride ourselves that nearly all our roles are exclusive to GRL and are provided by clients that we work with extensively and have formed strong partnerships with.

All of our longlisted and shortlisted candidates are met in person (by us) and we also use online tools where this is more convenient or appropriate.


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“GRL are proactive and often come to us with ideas that are beneficial to both parties”

Practice Director, leading Commercial Chambers

“I have no doubt that without GRL's valuable input Chambers would not now be leading the way in our sectors as we presently are”

Head of Chambers, leading PI and Civil set

"GRL confidently and seamlessly guided us through the crucial process of recruiting a new Chambers Director”

Head of Recruitment Committee, leading Commercial and Civil set

“Great in providing advice when discussing future plans for individuals and chambers giving progression advice”

Senior Clerk, leading Property and Civil set

“What sets GRL apart is their unique understanding of the Bar and the issues that both members and staff face, in their daily working lives”

Senior Clerk, leading Public Law, Employment and Commercial Chambers

“I trust GRL's judgment and guidance on who might be suitable for the role”

Senior Practice Manager, leading Commercial Chambers

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