Senior Management Career Development

19 December 2017

GRL were approached by a senior clerking manager who said he was frustrated in his present role as there was no opportunity to advance his career. While having considerable autonomy in his job, which he really enjoyed, his boss was slightly older than he was and therefore was blocking his advancement.

He believed he was ready to be a senior clerk/director of clerking and he asked GRL to help him achieve his goal.

Getting to know each other

The first piece of work we undertook was to see if we (myself David W. Rees) could work together. We spent time exchanging backgrounds and experiences including highs and lows in our respective careers. We talked about non-work issues e.g. family, interests and we built up a picture of each other.

At the end of the session, which lasted approximately two hours, we both agreed that we could work with each other on an equal footing and that there was the beginning of trust, honesty and that now there were two people looking to deliver the task.

Being realistic

Between us, we tested the client’s ambition as to whether it was realistic. We examined in detail what the role of a senior clerk/director of clerking entailed and what skills and knowledge and experience were required. We did this by looking at actual JDs and person specifications of live recruitment processes being undertaken in the marketplace.

We examined the client’s experience and skills against the JDs and person specification in a realistic and trusting way and assessed whether the client was ready for such a role. We came to the conclusion that while he was in some ways ready, he had considerable clerking and business development experience, he needed further support and help to project himself as credible and more importantly as a candidate who could be appointed.

Time to improve and progress

Between us, we agreed that he needed to improve his CV, his interview, and his personal presentation skills. We also agreed that when we had honed these skills we would be very selective in the applications he would make and that before applying for roles we would test them as to whether he met their person specification and whether the role fitted with his career plans.

We spent time both together and the client also worked independently developing a CV, which was focused and which showed achievements as well as experience.  We spent time on interview practice and this enables the client to become more focused on answering questions and as such developed his self-confidence.

Appointed to a new role

We worked together for a number of months, meeting about every three weeks for a session lasting about two hours at a time.  We agreed on the agenda of each meeting in advance and worked together as a partnership.  We worked hard in our meetings and the client was committed to the process and there was a lot of work which he undertook himself outside our meetings.

He identified a role that he felt met his career plan and we examined the JD and person spec. and we found that there was a match with the client.  He applied for the role, was interviewed and was appointed to the job..

He continues to prosper in his new role.