Establishing an education and conference centre

16 November 2020

A primary legal institution within the Inns of Court sought assistance in establishing the commercial viability of plans to construct a modern conference/ education centre within its Grade 1 listed precincts. A particular aspect to establish was the extent to which a number of legal organisations might use such a facility.

Sheena represented our institution very competently and professionally. I would be happy to recommend her for any business development and market research assignments, especially if they require knowledge of the organisations in our legal sectorSub Treasurer

Following discussions with the Sub Treasurer and other key stakeholders within the institution (Estate and Finance Directors), GRL established the key factors to take into account when researching and preparing our report.

Meeting with senior representatives

We undertook a number of high-level meetings with senior representatives of key government and national legal establishments, which included the Judicial College, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Bar Council and Advocacy Training Council.

A thorough and informed assessment

GRL produced a final report containing a realistic, thorough assessment of finance potential that informed subsequent business development planning and investment decisions. In conjunction with the research and production of the report, we represented the client among potential users of its planned facility, raising profile and creating potential engagement opportunities for the client with its target stakeholders


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