GRL Testimonials

See what our clients have been saying about us.

“I was impressed by GRL’s detailed knowledge and understanding of the Senior Management role I was applying for. The support I received from Paul Reece and Matt Curness at every stage of the process proved to be invaluable. They clearly understand the pressures candidates experience and helped me to identify relevant key strengths, which gave me confidence and was instrumental in bringing the best out of me during the interview process. I would highly recommend them”

Chambers Director - Leading Commercial Set

"We used GRL to assist in the recruitment of a new Business Development Director for our organisation. From start to finish the service was structured, with a clear plan of attack, with sensible time frames and ultimately we stuck to that plan to secure the recruitment of an individual who we firmly believe will be excellent for our business. The outline objectives were very clear, if our stipulations were unrealistic we were always told, and we couldn’t fault the service levels or the outcome from start to finish. Many thanks to Matt, Paul and Nick who looked after us."

Managing Director - Leading Law Firm

"I have been particularly impressed by the fact they are focused on the best outcome for both the individual and the organisation rather than the commercial advantage of placing a candidate. They are astute, intelligent and honourable"

Director of Client Care - Leading Common Law Set

".....I would not hesitate to recommend them to other senior lawyers to open fresh opportunities through their sophisticated understanding of the developments in our profession"

Leading Silk - Commercial Fraud

"Gill Rees, and in particular Nick Rees and Paul Reece, are a pleasure to deal with. They are professional, reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy and they give you their time in abundance. They approached me about my current role in a delicate and polite way and were aware of the sensitivities around moving, particularly having been in my previous role for such a long time. They are streets ahead the competition."

- Deputy Senior Clerk

"GRL Legal have provided Chambers with invaluable insight and expertise as we look to remodel our business to face and meet the inevitable challenges ahead for the Bar."

- Head of Chambers

"I have worked with GRL since coming to the bar as a Chief Executive - their clear understanding of our business and the changes in the legal market is invaluable."


"We have used Gill Rees in the past for both recruitment and training. They are user friendly and take the time to ensure that they always fully understand our needs. They provide a very efficient service and I would thoroughly recommend them."

- Senior Clerk

"An absolute pleasure to deal with and extremely user friendly - I would have no hesitation in recommending them."

- Head of Administration

"Nick was invited by Chambers to undertake its marketing training for both members and clerks.  All those who attended the seminar were impressed by GRL's professional approach and knowledge in this area - Chambers will in no doubt be working with them in the future and would recommend their service to any chambers."

- Chambers Director


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