David W Rees

Director of Professional Development

David W Rees

Director of Professional Development

David ‘Wayne’ Rees – 1944 – 2023

It’s with great sadness that we report the recent passing of David ‘Wayne’ Rees.  David was a founding Director of the first incarnation of GRL, Gill Rees Legal, and without him there wouldn’t be a GRL and all its success.

David was a man of strong principles and values and a committed family man, with five children and eight grandchildren.  He is survived by his beloved wife, Tricia, also a founding Director of Gill Rees Legal.

David was fundamental in the creation and development of the business and as well as his extensive experience and knowledge of people, human resources, management consultancy and recruitment, did everything with a genuine warmth, energy, and commitment to all those that he worked with and advised.  

As well as making an outstanding contribution to the business, David is Nick and Ed’s father, and even after his retirement, continued to act as a trusted adviser/confidant/sounding board, where his ‘always the right way’ approach proved invaluable.

We would like to thank David for his contribution as founder/director/father figure and class act.

David’s memory will live on through a charitable fund created to provide financial support to outstanding students from under-represented groups.

We thank you and love you.

Nick, Ed – Paul, Matt and the GRL Team.